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I would love to change The Whole World... but I am Just1Man

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Welcome to Just1Man’s Website

A majority of you will realize My Website is NOT for you… and you will leave… QUICKLY.
and that’s OK, but a small chosen few of you, will see what I’m doing… and GET IT!
You awesome people are going to be very hard to get rid of. So I won’t even try… WELCOME!

I am here to HELP… I want to make a difference.

I am a Christian, A Web Designer, An Internet Marketer & A Teacher of Technology…
I choose the High Road… the one less traveled… to point people in the Right Direction.
I have learned a great many things about Technology & Making the Most of the Internet.
I teach people to edit and fix their own WordPress Websites (Usually for about $25 – $50).
I Design Wordpress Websites for as little as $250 and show clients how to use them.
I show people how to acquire a Free WordPress Website with Training & Support.
I am part of a Wealthy Affiliate Business that changes peoples lives…It sure changed mine.
I provide my visitors with Awesome Business eBook SAVINGS in My eBook Library.
I write My Perspective about a Wide Range of topics… so you are sure to find something of interest.
I am currently writing my 1st Novel.


Steve in St. Pete – “He may be Just 1 Man…but he’s 1 Man that knows his stuff.”

Where there is No Vision... The People Perish - Written by the wisest man who has ever lived. King Solomon